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Vonwaon Bitmap Font is a free Chinese pixel font released into public domain under CC0 1.0 license.

The moulds are based on the open source project BitmapFont. Tweaks have been made to optimize mixed usage of glyphs of different scripts, sizes, and type faces.

There are two variations available in the pack: 12px and 16px (9pt and 12pt accordingly). They are named after the pixel height of their primary mould. The TTF fonts look best when used in sizes that are multiples of that size.

There are 7543 glyphs in total, including 6763 Chinese characters. A Lite version is available, in case where file size matters, which has 4041 glyphs, including 3755 Chinese characters (second level Chinese characters are not included). Glyphs of Japanese Kana, Greek alphabet, Russian alphabet, Pinyin, Bopomofo, box-drawing characters, and enclosed alphanumeric characters are not included in the Lite version.

You're free to use the font in any project. There's no need to ask permission before using these. Giving attribution is not required, but is greatly appreciated :)

凤凰点阵体是免费的中文像素字体,使用 CC0 1.0 协议发布,属于公有领域。

字模基于开源项目 BitmapFont,针对汉字与非汉字、不同字号、字体之间的搭配使用进行了优化。

压缩包中有  12px 和 16px 两个版本的字体(对应 9pt 和 12pt),这是它们各自所使用的基准字模的像素高度。字号设置为对应尺寸的整数倍时,TTF 字体的显示效果最佳。

凤凰点阵体共包含 7543 个字符,其中汉字 6763 个。如果你非常在乎文件大小,可以使用 Lite 版,共包含 4041 个字符,其中汉字 3755 个(省略了较少使用的二级汉字)。Lite 版不包含日文假名、希腊字母、俄文字母、拼音、注音符号、制表字符、以及序号字符。

你可以在任何项目中自由使用凤凰点阵体,使用前无需征得同意。你无须在使用时注明字体的出处,当然如果能注明的话对我来说更好,非常感谢 :)

如果有兴趣了解这个字体制作的原理,可以看我在 B 站的视频《如何制作像素字体》

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AuthorHaoyu Qiu
Tagschinese, Fonts, Pixel Art, Retro
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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大佬,我的游戏用了你的字体,可以Google Play上搜"Little Dinosaur,Knights&Apples",非常感谢.


大佬 我的游戏使用了你制作的字体,谢谢!


This project is based on BitmapFont, which is licensed under GPL3. So, I was wondering why this is licensed under CC0. Thanks!

(3 edits)

I believe BitmapFont only GPLs the C++ program that parses the HZK*/ASC* data. The glyph data included in that project is collected from microcontrollers and DOS-era softwares. It’s known that companies at that era often use these data directly. However, since there is no clear copyright owner of these data, I think if you have strict requirements, you have to avoid projects using HZK*/ASC*.

I see. I understood the situation. Thank you very much!

and the HZK seems to be a national standard.